To meet the growing demands of an increasing population and an increased demand for seafood, oyster farming offers a sustainable alternative to fisheries.

Sustainable development in aquaculture relies on achieving both social and environmental sustainability. We appreciate the need for a more sustainable approach to food production and by farming Pacific oysters we are providing a healthy and environmentally friendly food source of high quality and value.

Our famous Whitstable oysters thrive in the intertidal waters of Whitstable Bay, enjoying the twice-daily influx of cool water from the North Sea that mixes with the nutrient rich waters of the estuary. This provides the perfect environment for the algae in the water on which the oysters feed.

  • Oysters feed by filtering algae from the water, this helps to remove excess nutrients and means no unnatural feeds are used at the farm. Each oyster can filter up to 200 litres of seawater per day!
  • The oyster fishery has collapsed due to overfishing, environmental degradation and disease. Modern farming of oysters offers a year-round supply without devastating the natural communities.
  • Oysters also produce and store calcium carbonate in their shells, helping to offset local ocean acidification caused by climate change.
  • We only use triploid Pacific oysters to ensure there is no introduction of diseases or competition with native species.

As well as being environmentally friendly, at Whitstable Oysters we understand our social responsible to the local community.

Our famous oyster beds are located just offshore from Whitstable so the community is at the heart of our work. We appreciate the heritage of the town whilst ensuring the sustainable development of the oyster trade.

  • Our heritage has supported the tourism industry within Whitstable and given the town a product to be proud of.
  • We run several local businesses including restaurants, accommodation and a brewery.
  • Our job creation has boosted the local economy, we employ over 170 staff and have a great level of job retention. Our staff are hard-working, highly valued and a key component in the company’s success.
  • We have helped to bring tourism, development and equal opportunities to the local community.
  • We are working to build an education centre so that local and regional schools can visit and learn about the importance of sustainable development, biodiversity and oyster farming.

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